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The execution of the download file will recover the original files in the Excel XLSX format.

Presidency of the Republic Civil House Legal Affairs LAW No. Subsection Establishes the principles, guarantees, rights and obligations for the use of Internet in Brazil.

For a country with a developing economy, Brazil has an impressive number of universities in the QS World University Rankings® – many of which have climbed significantly in recent years.


Costs were high because most of the raw materials were imported, even though some of the plants already used machines.

Brazilian industry has its earliest origin in workshops dating from the beginning of the 19th century.

Most of the country's industrial establishments appeared in the Brazilian southeast (mainly in the provinces of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and, later, São Paulo), and, according to the Commerce, Agriculture, Factories and Navigation Joint, 77 establishments registered between 18 were classified as “factories” or “manufacturers”.

And now Brazil ranks second in the world’s largest producer of denim, the third – for the production of knitted fabrics, the fifth – for the manufacture of clothing and seventh – for the production of yarns and fibers.

On the contrary, capital employed in the trade was had already been directed to sectors such as enterprises of urban services, transport, banking and trade.

The earliest of these date from the reign of Dom Pedro I, through awards of government grants.


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