Brian puspos dating


Crew member Brian Puspos competed once again on the seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew as a member of Mos Wanted Crew.

Before ABDC, they won first place at the World of Dance competition in Pomona in 2008.The crew members split into different subdivisions such as: So Real Pac and Archi Teks.For instance, Andrew Baterina and Jackie Lautchang are lead choreographers for So Real Pac while Brian Puspos, Mark Fucanan, Brian Fucanan, Pat Lam and Ailyn Isidro are current members of the Archi Teks.Because this is my start to becoming a warrior like my role model Aja.

I used to have (well, I still do have), a Tumblr blogging account. Plus, that’s more of an outlet for me to connect with others, find funny things to laugh at and reblog pretty pictures on.Most were taken by other users who haven’t logged on in over 4 years, and most other ideas I’d had were too wordy. what do I want people to get out of when they read my blog?


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