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Hi, as per your suggestion, I have tried it but, It also did n't work. Cancel to true in selecting event, Now if I made a valid entry on the same page then controls are not working (or active ie.

Radio button in Previous example), thats my finding is.

Key presses that do This means that if you were only validating text input in Preview Text Input, a user could use Ctrl V to do a paste operation into a Text Box and you wouldn’t get a chance to validate the text being added.

All of these key press do result in the Preview Key Down event being fired.

Should this validation be done on the client-side or the server-side in a client/side application?

Should this validation be done in the business layer or in the middleware component of a multi-layer application?



May i know is there any event similar to Deselecting event or any other property or function or some work around to achieve this functionality.Are you using WPF but the standard controls included with WPF are missing a feature, or a control that you need is not there? For 9.95 you can add nearly 100 controls, panels and themes to your arsenal. Bonus for January 2017, use coupon 2000things and get 50% off!



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